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Great Job

I really liked your story, it was sad and touching. Reminded me of gears of war.
The fight, was awesome, the begining was sad, because I'm guessing Chun-Li was Ryu's girlfriend of something, he has a flashback with her, but then he realizes she's dead(?)
Anyway's on to the fight, I really liked it, but the problem was that I saw too much proxcide in it, I'm not trying to say it's bad, but I definetly saw most of the cheoreography from proxcide.
I think you got the animation down it's just that you should add some originality and more cooler effects, CVS2 has some great effects.
Well watch my movies too, and tell me how you like them.
Good job

Great job as usual.

I'm really happy that 32-bit tournament 2 FINALLY came out. As usual, we got your mix of comedy of and action. I loved the battle scene, because it was interacting with the stage alot, and not just some background (I still need to work on figuring that out) Are the rules changed now? Because in ep.1 they were fighting simultaneously and now it's tag team? I like it like this better it's more realistic.

Now the Cons..
The reason why I didn't flourish over this episode as much as ep. 1 was because I know you can do better, but I can't complain,'cuz of the university, and your better than me anyway. I heard Tekken sound effects if I'm right, the strong impacts were ok, but the light impacts almost sounded like they were blocking and sometimes I thought they were actually blocking it. SFIV music, nice. The 2nd SFIV song was good, but I thought the first one was too mellow for a fight.
PLEASE don't be like Slicing-Claws, don't cliff-hang us every fking animation.
Akuma better kick that guys ass.
Nonetheless, great flash Trix keep it up.
Check out my new animation too, I want some feed back from you.



I guess this is what you get when you mix things like this with a good story. The story was decent but not good. 1 thing I should say is that Ryu wouldn't get drunk on his own, maybe, getting drunk after he heard his family get killed I could go on forever so I'll stfu.
I thought this was gonna go FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond Repair), but you pulled through. Nice job but sorry to say the ending sucked dick.
Good job, I'll release mine soon old friend.

Slicing-Claws responds:

Lol thanks, and you're barely on.

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Don't Even Post This

This game is a test not a game. A game is completed that is playable and has a purpose. This was very poorly constructed. the walking animation still went on even if you weren't walking sometimes. the attacks, were fine and they connected but they were way too slow and you could hold down the button and walk resulting in a weird float. The super moves made me cringe because it was so bad......
First of all. The hadoken, it's too big, you should only have something that big if it was a super, and I see you ripped it straight from Proxcide. Also after the hadoken he just stays there. The hadoken doesn't even connect with the pad it just floats thru! And by the way it's a Shinryuken, not a Shoryureppa. The shinryuken doesn't even connect and it keeps on repeating after the animation was gone by once. The sprites aren't even from the same game! Oh yeah, and all the moves can be canceled saying that if you were in a middle of a punch, you can just cancel it doing another move. I suggest you get a full game done. These things are tests that should be kept on your computer. In fact I have something like this on my computer, but I didn't upload this because there is no need.
BLAM This Piece of Crap!


I got the message from you. I'm glad you like my review system.

Graphics: 80/1000
This is probally your weak part of your game. The characters looked........sort of blurry. So I downloaded the high rez version of it and it looked alot clearer. But I am basing my review off the low rez. The explosions were nice, but the hitsparks are commonly used. So no comment on that.

Audio: 100/100
This is a very strong part. It is perfect, high sound quality and video game like sound effects make the game feel like a real game.

Story: N/A

Replay Value: On games I make it worth 200 points instead of 100.

I play this over, and over , and over again. I usually don't replay games, but this is amazing. I even waited 20 minutes to get my hands on the high rez version of this game.

Animation: 100/100
Perfect.... It's smooth, intense and very nice and detailed. Action was well planned and the fights gave me more of a sense to the characters.

Overall, this could be a flawless game. Now I must go to the cons of this game.
You heard this many times before, but having it auto selected on the text box and pushing enter to submit the answer would make it ALOT more easier. I unlocked the mini-game, but it wasn't very good. Original though.

You get a 470/500 94% A 5/5 10/10

I hope we can do collab or something. Keep up the good work!

M1KES responds:

Thanks for the awsome review! This is the best review i got so far! :P No offence to the other reviewers!
About the graphis.. man it hurt alot having to put it so low quality.. i really wished it kept its high quality and low file size..
I'm glad you enjoyed the game so much.. If you like mortal kombat... i am making a mk version soon...
Thanx 4 reviewing.

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Nice song man, but it's true on the drums, a bit too loud.
Guess you weren't bull shittin' on the #1 scoring...

Just wanted to say thanks

I had this song on my computer for quite some time, I loved listening cause it's awesome! I used it in my movie for Ken because you he's hardcore, and so is this song! I love that little slow part in :50ish
Well Thanks again man.


Thanks for putting this up I was trying to find an accurate version of Katamari, Thanks!
I sped it up in my movie though, if thats ok with you.

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