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I didn't even know you could do something like that on flash dude, amazing!


The animatio and storyline was amazing. I'm korean too and the art style reminds me of how bad I want to go back to Korea. The Korean voice acting was amazing, I understodd everythin (duh). I'm waiting to see more from you. Don't forget to check my animations too!

Good for a first start

This is my review.

Graphics: 80/100
The sprites where good and some of them were customized =). Problem is that if you zoomed in a little more, then it would look alot better. Hitsparks, and hadokens were good.

Audio: 100/100
I had no problem with any music or audio. I love Tekken so I love the music you put in there. The Sound FX were nice and very thrilling.

This is were most sprite animators suffer, like me. The story seemed rushed, and you know as well as I do that Ryu would never say faggot, and sure as hell never get beat up by Dudley, but Oh well it's your story.

Replay Value: 50/100
Not trying to be mean but...
Fighting was way too short and the story was a bit rushed. I'll watch it about 2 times max, but only the fighting scene.

Animation: 80/100
Good animation, could have used more Camera effects. May not seem much, but good use of camera can boost your score up too. .20! Take note on what I said about zooming in. Make the Camera (With deafault size) 500x350. Some moves were way too slow. I know ur FPS is 30 but it really didn't show it. Speed up the moves, take some frames away.

Overall: 380/500 +50 (for first timers) = 430/500 86% B+
9/10 4/5
Very nice job. Just work on the camera and fighting and story and you got your self some good hardcore Proxy flash! I think you are good enough for my collab, just take note on what I said. PM me for the characters you want to do.

skater007 responds:

Uhm, ok.
I worked more on the story than on the fight scene, but anyway,
it's my story.
Your rating is very professional, thanks very much!

Well done

I have a new review system, tell me if you like it.

Graphics: 95/100
Very detailed, you put alot of time putting in the waves and stuff for like the hadokens on the floor, which made it look very detailed. The Background was nice, and the movie felt very classic

Audio: 90/100
It was original, no one used the music before, and the xiao xiao sound effects are actually decent.

Story: 80/100
The story was pretty basic, and it made it feel like the characters are alive and it made a very good story.

Replay Value: 90/100
You want to watch it again and be like, "Dude that's an awsome move! Gotta see that again!" It was very good and creative.

Animation: 100/100
Smooth,smooth,smooth.... It was absolutely flawless, just add some few spices and you will be one of the best animators.

Total Score: 455/500 91% A- 4/5 9/10

No offense to Trixiayou or anything, but I have to say that your animation skills are just as good, or maybe even better than his. His is better because he put's in more camera angles, camera movements, shakes, and special effects. Put in some and you'll have an AMAZING MOVIE!

I have to say.....

Hey Khote, I took a review system from Rocket, and now I'll review like this, tell me if you like it.

Graphics: 95/100
Sprites are sprites (not saying I'm a sprite hater), but.... you put in alot of special effects Proxcide worthy. All the explosions looked beautiful and the stage was well designed.
Your menu was very detailed, it is suprised me very much!

Audio: 90/100
I say this because the fight scene music is good. Obviously because it came from Tekken 5. But the music seemed to mellow compared to the intense action of the fighting. Your explosions were very loud, which made them look and sound a lot better, also the punches and kick sounds were excellent too.

Story: 180/200
The story was pretty good, and I like it in fact. It was very intresting, but the downside is, I think you rushed the storyline a little bit, and I didn't get it at first until I saw Kitana got killed. I'm guessing it took time in the MK vs SF series by Red-Lantern.

Replay Value: 90/100
Perfect, it makes you want to see it again, and again, and again. It would be better to put some easter eggs to make it more fun.

Total Score:455/500 = 91% A-
Should be 4/5, but it's your first and you worked your ass off on this, so 5/5

I really enjoyed this movie, and it reminded me of Tekken and it was very inspiring which made me get off my ass and start animating again. Check out for Angel Ryu VS. Evil Ryu coming out this Sunday (3/16/08)!

khote responds:

thanks man it means me a lot.

Have some stuff to say...

Hey Krinkels I'm not saying this is bad but, it's not as good good without Hank. I mean he got a badass costume in 7 and then he had to die. Well the movie is still badass, but a suggestion, make Jesus revive Hank like those other times. I was going to rate this a 9, but this was in my mind, " Wait not voting 10 for madness is a SIN!"
Nice job!


Nuff said


Wow. Trix best one out of all your movies. You got like sound effects for everything, so it gives you a feeling for every single thing happening.Nice!

Trixiaoyu responds:

Thanks man, more to come soon =O)

Doing well...

It's very good, that daewon song clip was kewl, it would be the best skate video in ng if you made a movie actually instead of clips, even tough i don't have flash or can't do it take this review please, and tell me please how much u got the flash animation for and where u got it. nice clip!

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