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2009-10-11 22:27:57 by azn-sk8er-dude

I just requested a name change to Mr. Fuzzy Panda
So if you see me as that it has been done, but if not it will be soon.

On projects...
High school is alot harder than I expected, I don't have too much time anymore, so expect anything from me for a while.
Don't know what it would be but I'm thinking on it.
Before I go I just wanted to say a big thanks to Wade for giving time change our names for us Newgrounders.


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2009-10-12 10:40:40

Lol Highschool is not hard!! Well.......Algebra 1 is

azn-sk8er-dude responds:

lol dumbfuck I did that last year


2009-10-16 17:18:15

My song "Breeze" hit #1 of all time


2009-10-19 19:42:14

Good Games the other day,, your Dan is pretty nasty.

azn-sk8er-dude responds:

thanks man, your fuerte is the best i faced =D


2009-12-04 21:51:18

High school gets better as you get used to it because really all high school is really about is test and finals.You could do shitty all year and have a D but studty hard and do well on finals and you could end up with a A or B.

BTW your really good at this, didn't think that Dan Ibikie could be that coo. What programs did you use and were did you get your sprites from?


2010-02-13 15:20:00

New post on my page.....finally


2010-08-14 14:08:52

Watsup !


2010-09-28 06:35:39

Hay, check ou the TUPT preview


2011-06-13 12:56:12

Somebody hacked my account. WUGPanda is now my new account. Follow me there...


2016-08-21 15:04:00

N*gga, you went from being 14 to 29 years old in a span of 6 years?