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Progress of New Series

2009-04-19 22:39:40 by azn-sk8er-dude

EDIT: Big thanks to Slicing-Claws for the awesome menu music he made for me. It's called Final Step.
You can check it out at his page at Slicing-Claws Profile
Hey guys, my new release Ryu vs Ken: SFIV Style was a great success with it's current score being at 3.71. This is with out a storyline. While Angel Ryu vs Evil Ryu, my daily 4th winner is at a 3.74 with a storyline.
With my skills right now, I think I can get another award if I combine storyline and fluid animation again.
It's name as of right now is called Chronicles of Alex. This series will consist of 4 parts.
The storyline revolves around the actual Alex storyline, it's a quest of avenging his father after Gill severely injured him.
As of right now I'm not sure if I'm going to go through this, but I will do my best.
I will list my progress here.
Start new project.
Street Fighter Deception

4/19/2009: Scripting started for the first part.

4/20/2009: Scripting finished for the first part.

4/20/2009: Started fight scene

4/23/09 Project postponed due to lack of voice actors, if you want to VA don't be afraid to ask!

4/30/09 Voice actors acquired, big thanks to ShockDingo and nakruru!
Project resumed.
5/29/2009: Project canceled due to computer FUCK UP (Thanks Vista!) I was really close to finish it now everything is gone, I managed to save everything exepct my flash 8 files(haha luck...)
Well I'll try something else I guess.
I'm really sorry to my voice actors.


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2009-04-19 23:28:28

I need reviews and tips on how to improve my music
This is the link to my newest song/loop.....
Live! Studio [Loop] - n/231073

This one is new too...
Militia (Loop and a collab WIP) - n/227233

The links below are for my Ordinary Life single, if nothing else listen to the "Final" one cause that is so far the best song I have made
Final - n/227014
Remake 1 - n/226445
Original - n/226765

please listen and give honest tips on how I can do better and what I can do to make better music
or if you wanna use any songs for a flash please do


2009-04-21 01:38:52

Everyone will come along with it, don't let us down man!
Not like slicing does everytime!

azn-sk8er-dude responds:

Lmao, I will dude


2009-04-24 16:48:59

4/19/2009: Scripting started for the first part.
4/23/09 Project postponed due to lack of voice actors,



2009-04-26 18:03:24

If you're still looking for voice actors I can give this a shot.

azn-sk8er-dude responds:

For which one man?


2009-04-28 23:50:07

Alex, Gill and maybe Hugo. :)

azn-sk8er-dude responds:

send me a demo with normal things such as hi and bye for each character you wanna do.


2009-05-16 04:54:17

Pretty good man! I like how your incorporating voice actors that's the way for sprite flashes!


2009-05-26 07:27:00

new post man :)


2009-05-30 20:11:44

good luck with next project, man


2009-06-01 17:22:35

is it serisoly cancelled


2009-06-02 08:19:13

@Lmao, I will dude

Ah, what a dissapointment *happyfaic*

Why am I always right? :D


2009-06-02 11:01:37

Aw man, I'm sad to hear that its canceled. Well these things happen, best of luck with your future projects man.


2009-06-05 08:42:23

If you read this, then you will be able to read the new news on my page >:c


2009-06-13 05:41:11

update on post
check it out if ya can


2009-07-18 05:13:22

new post check it ooot


2009-07-22 09:51:28

update on post
check it out if ya can