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A News Flash From Me - iMac's Suck - New Computer - New Animation!

2009-04-18 01:59:35 by azn-sk8er-dude

I made a post before telling you guys that my iMac died, and I got it replaced for free, but now it broke.... AGAIN! So this time i have to pay 800 Dollars to fix it when the piece of dookie is only worth what 899 dollars. So I threw the iMac away (lit on fire) and said goodbye because there was no way of fixing it without me throwing away my money away at it. Instead, I used 800 dollars to buy a very nice gaming computer and monitor and all that good stuff, I love it so far, it has Vista, but hey what the hell? It's 2X faster than the iMac, and it can play games amazingly. And animating on this computer is also a thrill. So guys, an iMac should only be purchased if you plan to have a family computer that's only going to last for 2 years. That's the average lifespan of a Mac, 2 years before the video card fucks up, then your screwed if you don't have warranty. So guys, don't go through what I went through and stick with a Windows.
Oh Yeah I released my first animation of 2009 and the first animation made on this computer.

My computer specs are 2.7GHz Dual Core AMD
9800 GeForce Graphics
Bunch of utha stuff
22 Inch HD ASUS Monitor
Logitech Surround Sound Speakers
Wireless card and Antenna thrown into my computer
Thanks for reading, and watch my new animation!


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2009-04-18 03:53:49

glad you came to your senses and trashed your mac


2009-04-18 04:18:58



2009-04-18 04:52:45

Nice rig. Glad you saw the light and got a PC. Vista is fine if you turn off the security nags. It has a bad rep because WalMart and other big box stores are selling $200 machines with Vista on them that have no business running Vista. Flash also runs awfully on a Mac. A shame any money you spent on Mac apps is wasted though.


2009-04-18 07:45:12

2 years is the average lifespan... documentation?


2009-04-18 08:33:17

which i mac was it because there is diffrent types of ones was it the new one with the intel processor or was it the G5 or G4 or G3 imac? Because i have had an imac for about 3 years and i have had no problem with it at all by the way i have the latest imac with the intel processor. My imac is the same speed as my windows computer. The only bad thing about mac's are they are very exspensive the imac is so exspensive because the computer is built into one screen and thats the full computer, It's also made out of aluminium, and a 24 inch glossy screen which is really nice wit the wireless mighty mouse and also a wired keyboard which is also slim and made of aluminium with two usb's on the side of the keyboard. But i agree that windows is much better then mac os x leopard. Leopard has better features with the quick look and time machine which is an amazing program to use and mac os x leopard boots up 4 times quicker then windows but windows vista is better because you can download torrents better and stuff like that. Also you have an AMD processor i have never tried one of them processors before is it fast? Also you didn't put how much RAM you have and you mist out your hardrive how big is it? my imac has 1TB hardrive which is 1000Gb which is massive with 4Gb of ram which is also big my windows pc is better tho.


2009-04-18 09:09:01

macs are garbage, overrated, overpriced, un-upgradable fisher price toys


2009-04-18 10:23:15

It's not that I hate you, or your garbage ryu vs ken and pwnd akuma.
Just be more original, try to do something new, then coming up with the same old combos, that everyone has used out.
There are over 9000 characters being drawn and edited, just don't use old same drugs (ryu+ken+akuma)...
Try to come up with something new, and NO MK VS SF proxicide wannabe shit.
People won't give you good score for that.

I know that you'd stick to that, when I've tried to emulate proxicide's style, but... There are 2 kinds of people in this world:
1) The ones who learn from their own mistakes (the stupids)
2) The ones who learn from another people's mistakes (the smarter ones)

Seems like I'm the stupid one of a kind, and next time I'm gonna be wise, so...
What about you?

Peez, Skates

azn-sk8er-dude responds:

Thanks man, I've been trying to keep off of proxcide's style. And so my Ryu vs Ken is garbage??


2009-04-18 11:20:05

The average lifespan of a mac is over 10 years, vista sucks. My dad got a mac like, 11 years ago and it still works perfectly. It could be your internet that was making it slow also.


2009-04-18 14:22:18

Yeah. At least you didn't copy!
*whispering* - That's what I like in you XD

azn-sk8er-dude responds:

LOL, so when the hell is TUPT 2 coming out?


2009-04-19 15:50:10

Damn, I totally don't know. Next month is fully of stupid fuckin exams and etc...
And tommorow I have one free day, so I guess I'll work on it for the whole day XO

Just have to finish the fight scene, which is only 1 min long :\

Sup with you? Any news? New animations?

azn-sk8er-dude responds:

I wanna try something with Alex, and his story it's rather quite interesting, possibly a series.


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