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News update on new animation!!!

2008-11-03 22:01:05 by azn-sk8er-dude

Alright guys, you probably haven't heard from me awhile, so I will give you a delicious update on me.(yeah I said delicious)
So I have good news and bad news.
First off, good news:
My animation has been going smoothly. I got some very talented voice actors for my project called Battle Of The Warriors. This project is going to be 2 maybe 3 part series. I can't release too many details yet but I will release by next year. This is going to be a big and serious project. I actually have a good script, with drama. Most of the people who have seen my animations will be suprised with this because I actually have a decent plot now. Further more, I am spending more time to get the fighting as smoothly as I can, I have run some test animations with my new skills, although it takes a great deal of time, the results pay off. I am almost done with the long talk scenes, the first talk scene is already 2 minutes long but I have a flashback/fight in it so it won't completely bore you. It is taking after the events of Ryu vs Skin Akuma, and EX-Ken vs. Akuma. EX-Ken, and all your favorite of my characters will return to this fight. First episode is mainly about story and fight. Second episode is more story and fight. And I might put in a 3rd episode if the file size gets overwhelming. I might be even taking the risky move to release the story and fight in different sections, tell me if I should do this or not. I promise you guys this will be better than Angel Ryu vs Evil Ryu, I am putting alot of time into this.
Now the Bad News:
Even though the animation has been going smoothly, I will not be able to work on it for a month, therefore delaying it. I plan on releasing on somewhere in January though. Here is the reason I will not be able to work on it for a while. I got many reasons but I have 1 significant one. First off, I have achieved my 4th degree in Tae Kwon Do therefore making me have to work and teach my dad's(master's) students. I do have about 3 hours a day max. I can tell you all of the reasons but this is the most one that is effecting me on the animation, and alot with my everyday life.
I have just figured out that my grandfather has been diagnosed with liver cancer. It is the beginning of the cancer so it can be stopped before it spreads. My grandpa will probably be ok, and I hope but he is having a very hard time lately, he seems so much more sad now. So I have been waking up every night at 4 AM to talk to him because he lives in Korea so it's 6 PM over there. The doctor said no matter how good the treatment is, my Grandpa has to keep a good attitude, but that seems nearly impossible to him right now, so listen Newgrounds I need your help! I need the Newgrounds community to help send letters to my Grandfather and boost his spirit up. If you want to type a letter to him, You can post in the comments below and I will fully translate it in Korean and send it to my Grandpa. If you want include your first and last name. I would appreciate it if you can contribute to this effort.
Thanks Newgrounds.
-Brian Lee


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2008-11-03 22:03:17


azn-sk8er-dude responds:

Nice job spelling fucking wrong retard. If no one cares then what is NG for? Who cares about you. Well good day my friend.


2008-11-03 22:27:19

I care! Gl completing your projects :D

azn-sk8er-dude responds:

Thank you.


2008-11-04 04:38:27

He isnt saying he wants to be better than proxicide. He just wants to make sprite animations featuring street fighter characters...
If that is what he enjoys doing with his time, then why criticise? Tons of people on NG submit stuff that isnt really that original (stick fights, madness, etc)

And besides, sprites are fun :)


2008-11-04 06:58:27

This is WAAAAYYY to much build up for a sprite movie dude.

azn-sk8er-dude responds:

Well yes I agree, but I really just want to do this to show my literary skills.


2008-11-04 08:10:20

I just want to know, when someone has a good choreography for an street fighter flash.

Why the fuck does Proxicide's name pop up every fucking time, im telling you this is making me mad myself.

Yes I know he had the one of the best mk vs sf flashes, but still does it says anything about mortal kombat in this whole post ozzyleghorn? I just want everyone to hop off Proxicide's dick because this is fuck ridiculous.

Agreed MindChamber/Azn-Sk8er-Dude/Valveros/S taticWave?

azn-sk8er-dude responds:

Thanks do you have anything to say to my grandfather?


2008-11-06 16:53:34

good luck with the flash and i hope ya grandpa is ok.


2008-11-07 12:05:12

good luck aznsk8er
i like your movies


2008-11-14 00:34:41

New news post up on my page.


2008-11-29 01:42:29

My next flash will drop at approximately 12:00 pm (noon) EST on Saturday, November 29th.

Just thought you might be interested...



2008-12-18 04:15:17

New Information: Check my page! =O)


2009-01-18 10:25:50

new post :)


2009-01-29 22:27:44

New news post, check it out if ya can


2009-01-30 08:09:40

ZOMG! You're asian >:O


2009-02-17 13:42:23

You look so Bruce Lee kickass


2009-04-06 03:21:01

Oh and I hope your grandfather recovers, man! Tell him to stay strong and never give up!


2009-04-10 16:34:39

I have an update post.